Thrumpton Village Hall & Social Club

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement - May 2018

Thrumpton Village Hall and Social Club (TVH&SC) holds some personal data in order to carry out its charitable objective, being "to administer, manage and maintain Thrumpton Village Hall as a facility and service within the financial means of the organisation to enable it to carry out its objectives more efficiently" and "To promote fellowship and goodwill, through village social and recreational activities, for the benefit of the residents of Thrumpton without distinction of gender, race or policital, religious or other opinions".

TVH&SC holds certain limited personal data about its Management Committee, Trustees, Volunteers and employee, solely for this purpose. Such data is held by individuals who manage elements of the TVH&SC's activities, and will be held securely for this purpose only, and for no other purpose.
Information about TVH&SC's activities and upcoming events will be publicised via email, Facebook, and the Village Website, supported by distributed flyers, and on notice-boards around the village.

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